How to Blow Out Eggs

easter eggs

I absolutely love Easter. To me, Easter always signals the beginning of Spring, although Spring actually has technically already started, and makes me remember fondly all those years when my older brother and I would decorate eggs and eat entirely too much chocolate to sit still at church service. While I enjoy hard boiled eggs and the traditional dying method as much as anyone, my favorite way to decorate eggs is to blow the yoke out first, and then decorate. Not only do you have these ... [ Read More ]

45 Unique Ways to Decorate Eggs

45 Unique Ways to Decorate Eggs

Note: If there is one thing I have discovered while preparing for this article, there are as many ways to decorate eggs for Easter as there are pictures to draw on paper. I have tried to stick to simple ideas that let your creativity flow. Most of these ideas are based on a concept rather than a project with a specific goal. I hope you enjoy these ideas. If you color your eggs year after year, it is easy to get tired of the same old thing. Fortunately there are dozens of different ways to ... [ Read More ]

Happy Easter And Here are Few Recipes For You

Happy Easter

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of my readers a happy Easter!! I have also added a few recipes to the database for Easter and will try to add a few more tomorrow if I can I will add them to this post if I do, so you can find all of the Easter recipes in one place. The first recipe is near and dear to my heart, because it is different the typical Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe you would normally have at the holidays, and it is one I have been eating all of my life and cooking for the past ... [ Read More ]

Natural and Different Egg Coloring Ideas

Forget to get an egg coloring kit this year? here are a few ideas that you can use to make your own colored eggsfrom things you have at home. This year instead of using a coloring kit from the grocery store, why not use some natural dyes. Here are some ideas. Usually, the more of the natural ingredient you use and the longer the egg soaks (maybe even overnight) the darker the color will be. Natural Egg Food Coloring REMEMBER: Not all of these eggs will be safe to eat. Do not eat eggs that ... [ Read More ]