Living an Old Fashioned Life in a Modern World

NYC central park

I'm probably preaching to the crowd when I say that living an old fashioned, simple life is pretty much amazing. However, I have noticed quite a bit of discussion and even confusion on exactly what it means to be "old fashioned" in today's world. Can you be 'old fashioned' if you live in an apartment in the city? Are you really 'old fashioned'  if you have internet and a smartphone? What if you don't like gardening or prefer to use boxed laundry detergent? Living an old fashioned life today ... [ Read More ]

6 Misconceptions about Preppers


I'd be willing to bet that unless you are a prepper, most of what you know about preppers is wrong. You might be familiar with one of several "Doomsday Prepper" shows or a survivalist show featuring people like Bear Grylls. And, while those shows and such are exciting and fun to watch, that's not at all what preppers are all about. Prepper Misconceptions They are paranoid and/or conspiracy theorists I blame television completely for this, undoubtedly the most common misconception. Preppers ... [ Read More ]

Protect Your Chickens from Bird Flu


If you've been keeping an eye on the news at all, then you're probably aware that there is a particularly nasty strain of bird flu going around and causing all kinds of trouble for fowl in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, 15 other states and various countries around the world. Egg prices have skyrocketed a shocking 58% in the wake of so many chickens becoming infected--around 47 million or more, some say. Now, I'd love to say that I'm an expert on this sort of thing, but viruses aren't something ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Taking a Homestead Vacation


Everyone needs a vacation sometimes, but whether you have a small homestead or a large farm, finding the funds and means to leave for any amount of time can be quite the hassle. After all, someone has to take care of the animals, and those veggies won't pick themselves! So, what is a homesteadder to do? Well, here are some tips for how to take that much-needed vacation without letting your homestead fall apart while you're gone. Find a farm sitter If you only concern is finding someone to ... [ Read More ]

Create Your Own Garden Record Book


I have the memory of a goldfish. If you asked me what I had for breakfast yesterday, I'm not sure I could tell you most of the time. So, when it comes to remembering things like the name of the delicious tomatoes that I grew on my porch a few years ago, I'm hopeless. But, as it turns out, there's an easy solution: A garden record book! I actually first got this idea from a record book kept by former president Thomas Jefferson, who was a stickler for keeping records and such. In his garden ... [ Read More ]

15 Coolest Chicken Coops


Chickens are pretty fun to have, and of all the barnyard sort of animals, I think they're probably my favorite. I don't currently have any chickens, but that certainly hasn't stopped me from finding some of the most adorable and unusual chicken coops that the internet has to offer! They're just way too adorable; I want one of each!! Check it out for yourself: ... [ Read More ]

Best Mosquito-Repelling Plants


While I love the outdoors, I could totally do without mosquitoes. Those little suckers are my absolute bane. I'm not sure if I just taste sweeter to them or something, but whatever the case may be, I always end up with a ton of bites if I stay out too late in the afternoon or venture in the woods. Turns out some people are just genetically lucky like that. So, naturally, I looked to see what I could to in order to try and reduce some of the bugs around my house. While nothing really beats OFF ... [ Read More ]

How Do You Start Prepping?


If you've looked into becoming a prepper at all, then chances are you've come across sites showing you how to become completely independent, and articles written by people who just tend to come off even more paranoid than they are prepared. Some of these people spend thousands of dollars (and recommend you do the same) simply because they are convinced that the world will end suddenly and they will be forced to fend for themselves. To me, that's not what prepping is about. While that scenario ... [ Read More ]

How Do You Define a Homestead?


When most people think about homesteading, the image that comes to mind is probably an old-fashioned farm. The kind with a million cows and a fireplace with a handful of people who get up before the sun and work all day in mud and manure before eating a huge meal and going to bed at night. And there's nothing at all wrong with that. But is that really the only definition of a homestead? I found a list on Pioneer Settler that has a whopping 121 Skills for the Modern Homesteader, and when I ... [ Read More ]