Homesteading Activities To Stay Busy This Winter


I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming fall and winter months, and how I can improve my homesteading skills during them. Winter can get pretty boring around the homestead, as the garden doesn't need quite as much attention, kids are in school, etc. This might leave us feeling kind of unproductive, which is a feeling I personally hate! So today I want to focus on some skills that can either be started up or improved on in the coming months. Pre-Gardening Unfortunately for a lot of us, ... [ Read More ]

Create Your Own No-Yard Veggie Garden


Since we have already talked about a no-yard herb garden, I thought we could revisit the subject with vegetables. Not everyone has a bunch of yard space to take up with a garden, unfortunately, so I want to go over a few vegetables that can easily be grown in a pot indoors! Growing veggies in pots is a great way to grow food all through fall. Once the frost gets too close for comfort, you can easily grab the pot and bring it in—though this is going to be easier with some plants than ... [ Read More ]

Create Your Very Own No-Yard Herb Garden

Herb garden

  I thought we could talk about some gardening options for people with no yard space. Whether you live in an apartment, town house, or are renting a property and the landlord doesn't want you digging up the yard, gardening in pots is a great way to get herbs and veggies when you don't have the yard to support it! Potted plants can be a great way to get items from your garden through the fall months as well. After all, it is just around the corner. You can leave them out, weather ... [ Read More ]

9 Signs You’re a Homesteader

signs homesteading

From making your own jams and jellies to raising chickens in the backyard or even doing some gardening and DIY projects, homesteading looks different for everyone. And, really, it's more of a lifestyle than anything. But it's hard to put the 'homesteading' label on everyday life. But never fear! Today I have some clues that you might be becoming a homesteader: Waking up at 7 a.m. is sleeping in Boxed food tastes like chemicals to you Work boots and pajamas are totally ... [ Read More ]

Things You Should and Should Not Feed Chickens

chicken rooste

Chickens can be extremely entertaining and useful to have around the homestead. They can also be extremely valuable, providing eggs and meat as well as helping control bugs. Plus, they're a lot of fun to watch! While there are a lot of things you can feed your chickens aside from feed to keep them healthy and happy, there are also some things that ought to be avoided. Things you should feed your chickens Every chicken is a little different, but in addition to a balanced feed diet, here are ... [ Read More ]

How to tell if a Pumpkin is Ripe


While there are a lot of things that I love about fall, I think that pumpkins are probably the best. There's just nothing quite as comforting as adding some hearty and delicious pumpkin to just about anything--baked goods, lattes, pie, soup... the list goes on and on! But, the key to getting the best out of your pumpkin comes down to being able to pick the perfect one. Whether you're checking for pumpkins in your garden or the grocery store, there are a few things to look for in a perfectly ... [ Read More ]

September Gardening To-Do List


Well, September is here which means that the school buses are on the roads and fall is on the horizon. The nights are already dropping down to be nice and cool where I live and while the days are actually starting to cool off some, this week has felt more like early summer. Regardless, September is a busy month for gardening and I thought I'd make a quick list with some projects and tasks that you might want to consider this month. September is all about reaping some of the rewards from all ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Drying and Preserving Herbs


There is nothing that will make or break a dish like choosing the right quality and type of herbs and spices. And, as with all things, growing your own is always better, cheaper, and more rewarding. But, while fresh herbs are pretty fantastic, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the growth rate. I mean, there's really only so much rosemary a person needs, right? So, if you are in that boat then don't worry! There are plenty of options for drying, preserving, and storing your ... [ Read More ]

Homesteading Education Month : Festivals


It seems like every month has a million different things that we are all supposed to remember or do during that month, and September is absolutely no exception. However, as it turns out, September just so happens to be International Homesteading Education Month! Who knew such a thing even existed? Mother Earth News has a website dedicated to education about homesteading, and there are plenty of events and informational articles there. But, while International Homesteading Education Month is ... [ Read More ]