Slow Cooker Chile Verde Recipe

slow cooker chili verde feature

  I know it might be a little early for chili, since it's still September, but I personally hate the cold. So, at the first sign of it I look for anything to stay warm! One of my favorite things to eat during the fall and winter is chili. I like my food a lot on the spicy side, and my sister and I used to argue about how spicy my mom should make the chili! Fortunately, I discovered that chile verde is a great spicy alternative for anyone looking for chili with a nice spicy twist! This ... [ Read More ]

How to Make Syrup


While most people know that maple trees can be tapped for syrup, it is less common knowledge that there are dozens of other trees that can be tapped for sap which you can also make into syrup! It's actually pretty easy. What Trees Can be Tapped First, of course you need to identify if your tree can be tapped for syrup or sap. It is pretty safe to assume that if you live in an area without a winter your trees won't be able to produce any sap (don't worry—I still consider you lucky). Trees ... [ Read More ]

7 Easy Things to Do with Eggshells


A lot of homesteaders have a steady supply of eggs and, therefore, eggshells. Quite a few of us throw them away without a second thought. Today, I want to talk about some natural ways to use your eggshells around the house instead of throwing them out. Before you can use the egg shells, though, you are going to want to clean them. It's easier than it sounds—you just need to rinse them out while they are still newly empty. If that doesn't seem like enough, you can use a mild dish soap to wash ... [ Read More ]

Create Your Very Own No-Yard Herb Garden

Herb garden

  I thought we could talk about some gardening options for people with no yard space. Whether you live in an apartment, town house, or are renting a property and the landlord doesn't want you digging up the yard, gardening in pots is a great way to get herbs and veggies when you don't have the yard to support it! Potted plants can be a great way to get items from your garden through the fall months as well. After all, it is just around the corner. You can leave them out, weather ... [ Read More ]

Strawberry Turnover Recipe

strawberry popovers

It's no secret that I absolutely love strawberries. I use them absolutely any way that I can and during the summer months I eat more strawberries than is probably healthy. Today, I have a delicious and simple recipe for strawberry turnovers that will absolutely taste like the best of summer, no matter what time of the year it is. Personally, turnovers are one of my favorite desserts. They're like tiny personal pies without all of the fuss and trouble. You can eat them on the go and they're ... [ Read More ]

How to Test if an Egg is Fresh


I eat a ton of eggs. They're the ultimate breakfast (or supper!) food and most of my baking recipes call for at least one egg. So, of course, we go through eggs pretty quick. Sometimes they're farm eggs from my friend's hens and other times I purchase them from the store. But regardless as to how many eggs I eat, there's always at least one instance where I find an egg and don't know how old it is. Maybe it was stuffed in the back of the fridge or perhaps it was found at the back of the coop ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Drying and Preserving Herbs


There is nothing that will make or break a dish like choosing the right quality and type of herbs and spices. And, as with all things, growing your own is always better, cheaper, and more rewarding. But, while fresh herbs are pretty fantastic, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the growth rate. I mean, there's really only so much rosemary a person needs, right? So, if you are in that boat then don't worry! There are plenty of options for drying, preserving, and storing your ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Freezing Berries


  I have always been something of a fruit nut, but my absolute favorite has to be berries. It doesn't really matter what kind--cherries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries--they are so versatile I absolutely love all of them. We always have berries in the house in the summers, and I do my best to try and freeze some to get through the cool winters. So, no matter what berry you are freezing, here are some steps to getting the most out of the best fruits nature has ... [ Read More ]

Easy Cheeseburger Pie

cheeseburger pie

Sometimes, the foods that sound the strangest really are the best. For example, making a cheeseburger into a pie sounds like a totally weird idea, but I can assure you that this pie is not only the most delicious way to eat hamburger, but it's also extremely versatile and ridiculously fast and easy, especially if you cook your hamburger ahead of time like I do. This recipe is one that my mother used to make when I was a kid, as we always had a plethora of hamburger around the house and there ... [ Read More ]