Celebrate Earth Day with the 8 Rs


Earth Day is today, which means that the Internet is suddenly completely abuzz with tons of articles with tips on protecting the environment, reducing waste and saving money. While I absoultely support all of those things, I noticed that almost all of the articles suggest buying TONS of expensive new things in order to help save the environment. I was a little startled---I mean, if that's the ONLY way that people think they can make a difference, then it's no wonder that more people aren't ... [ Read More ]

In Defense of Dandelions


I have always adored dandelions. No matter how bad my day is, seeing those little unexpected pops of sunshine always brightens my day. To my chagrin, most people still look at these adorable and helpful little plants as weeds and, instead of taking advantage of all of the dandelion's uses and symbolism, harmful chemicals are sprayed everywhere. Well, today, I am going to defend the humble dandelion by proving that it is far more useful than all that grass you're protecting. ... [ Read More ]

10 Uses for Baking Soda

baking soda

In the last few months, I've been working towards removing the use of harsh chemicals in my home in order to find more safe solutions. While it's a slow journey finding solutions that are affordable and effective, I do have one top-secret ingredient: Baking soda. Baking soda pretty much cleans and deodorizes everything. Here are some of the ways that I use it: Remove coffee stains - rub a water and baking soda paste on the inside of your white coffee cups to remove the brown ... [ Read More ]

6 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning


While I'm not a huge fan of day-to-day cleaning, I absolutely LOVE spring cleaning. There's just something to refreshing about finally being able to get rid of all of those winter blues as you throw open the window and make everything clean and ready for the busy summer. But, of course, I don't just clean: I declutter at least one room during both my spring and fall cleaning sprees. Whether you're as enthusiastic as I am about cleaning this spring, or you're simply doing it because the place ... [ Read More ]

Create Your Own Fragrance


Spring is almost here which means that the flowers will soon be in full bloom, filling the air with sweet and fragrant smells that simply can't be matched. I am personally a huge fan of lilacs, as they always remind me of my childhood and the huge lilac bushes that still grace my parents' lawn. There's just something so relaxing about the scent, but artificial lilac perfume always tends to smell weird to me. Well, I found this fantastic tutorial on Fresh Bites Daily today that shows you how ... [ Read More ]

Is Learning How to Work a Skill?


I came across a fabulous article earlier this week posted on Mother Earth News titled "How to Work: The Most Important Self-Reliance Skill Ever" and wanted to share it with you. The article itself is fantastic and outlines some worth ethics and skills that all homesteaders really ought to have, as well as some tips and tricks. But, it got me to thinking. Is learning how to work a skill? And if it is, what does that say about our society? I feel like now, more than ever, hard work and good ... [ Read More ]

Tips for an Old-Fashioned Family Night


Technology can be incredibly useful and entertaining, but it's easy to become over-reliant on it. When was the last time your family sat down for a good old-fashioned family dinner and evening of entertainment that didn't involve a screen? Taking time to let your family reconnect is important, and that means stepping away from technology and having a good old-fashioned family night! Here are some tips for making the most out of your family evening together and for getting your whole family on ... [ Read More ]

Daylight Saving Time

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Unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, then you're probably still feeling the effects of Daylight Saving Time (DST), which officially started at 2 a.m. on Sunday and pushed all clocks in the United States forward an hour. As I was groggily crawling out of bed this morning I couldn't help but think: Why on Earth do we use Daylight Saving Time? What started it all? So, being a curious sort of person I looked it up and was rather surprised. When I was a kid, someone told me that Daylight Saving ... [ Read More ]

Best Free Cross Stitch Patterns


In some of my earlier guides for cross stitching, I mentioned that while there are plenty of beautiful patterns that you can purchase, you can actually find a lot of patterns for free with just a little bit of searching. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite sites for free cross stitching patterns with you! Each of these sites have different kinds of patterns and all of them are available for download in PDF format. Here are some of my favorites: DMC Free Patterns - These ... [ Read More ]