15 Things to Always Do the Old Fashioned Way


As you could probably guess by the sheer fact that I'm running an internet blog, I have absolutely no problem in embracing some technologies. A lot of the technological advances that we have made in the last century have been for the better, and I absolutely love having a car, basic medicine and even the convenience of the internet. However, there are some things that I think will always be better when done the old fashioned way. Here is my list of things you should always do the more ... [ Read More ]

The Lost Art of Old-Fashioned Conversations


Modern day life is insanely busy, hectic and distracting. There are a million things to do every day: there are social media posts to Like, tweets to send, friends to text back and emails to be read (and subsequently erased). Today we are arguably more connected to the people around us than ever, but I can't help but notice that conversations just aren't the same. In fact, it seems like no one has time for a good old-fashioned conversation. You know, the kind where people actually look at ... [ Read More ]

10 Homesteading Misconceptions


Homesteading has been around for centuries in one form or another. As all of you know, it is hard work and certainly isn't for everyone. In fact, homesteading looks a little different to different people and in this modern day and age has changed considerably from what it once was. So, for today's article I turned to some city friends of mine and asked them what, exactly, they thought homesteading was. Their answers were absolutely shocking, and the more people I asked the more I realized ... [ Read More ]

Ideas for Giving Kids an Old Fashioned Summer


As many you probably know, I grew up in the country and I have many fond memories of summers spent almost entirely outside with my older brother. We made forts and caught tadpoles and explored ever corner of my parent's 40 acres. We'd spend the entire day playing in the woods, tromping through the fields, eating wild apples or gooseberries or blackberries (depending on the season) and taming the barn cats (some of which I am fairly certain were actually wildcats). My brother and I only ... [ Read More ]

How to Live an Old Fashioned Life

oldfashioned life

If you're reading this blog, then it's probably a pretty safe bet that you're more interested in living a simple, old-fashioned lifestyle with less stress, clutter and more self-sufficiency. I personally feel like that's something that our society needs a bit more of. However, it seems like every time I say something like that, there is someone on the sidelines who quips about how most people tend to look at the past through a rosy glass, and that things weren't really all that great. Women's ... [ Read More ]

6 Old Fashioned Tips to Make Life Easier


  With each generation, I feel like a few things are gained and a few things are lost. I know that my parents and grandparents have a lot of tricks for things that I wouldn't have even thought about. Some of the tips are a bit easier, while others are not. So, here are six of my favorite old fashioned tips and tricks to make life a little easier sometimes! ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Drinking More Water


I'm sure that I don't need to tell anyone that drinking water is super important. Being hydrated has been linked to all kinds of crazy health benefits including losing weight, lowering cholesterol, improving brain function, improving memory, slowing aging, lessening allergies, combating fatigue... the list goes on and on and on. But, it's one thing to know that you need to drink lots of water and another thing entirely to actually drink water. Drink more water If you do a bit of research, the ... [ Read More ]

Use it Up, Wear It Out, Make it Do or Do Without!


Whether you're a dedicated homesteader with your own farm or you're simply a fan of the old-fashioned lifestyle and of living more simply, you probably know how hard it can be sometimes. There are days when nothing seems to go right, and no matter what you try, things just don't work. Believe me, we've all been there, and you'll make it through! While roaming about the internet one day, I came across this awesome saying that was apparently very common during the Great Depression, when ... [ Read More ]

8 Reasons to be Proud of Being Old-Fashioned


  I grew up living out in the country and while my parents weren't farmers, we did have all number of farmyard animals throughout my childhood including cows, chickens, rabbits, geese and more barn cats than you could shake a stick at. We baled hay and had a huge garden. My father made a lot of our furniture and my mother sewed clothes and did crafts. Every night we sat down at the table and ate together with cloth napkins and homemade food. I never thought about these things as ... [ Read More ]