Our Little Homestead

Our HomesteadI wanted to start an new category to chronicle the unfolding of our new little homestead. Many years ago I had a small 5 acre hobby farm, I lost this farm to bad health and other problems at the time. I have always wished that I would have had another choice or found a way to keep it.

DPP_0019I never thought I would see the day that I would have another chance, but here we sit, the property is a lot smaller and it is not ours yet, but soon, it will be. I hope to pay for my homestead with cash if at all possible, it may seem like a really big dream but I truly believe that with enough work it will be possible.

DPP_0011Our homestead is truly a fixer up, it is on just 2/3s of an acre, but since you can be sustainable on less than a half of an acre I don’t find that to be too much a deterrence.

DPP_0007Our chickens are already ordered, and will be here any day ( I will post an update and more pics when they arrive.)

I want this category to be a journal of all of our steps in becoming more self sustainable, we are starting from ground zero here literally other than somewhat a of pantry from the garden I left behind at our last home.

I hope that my step by step progress to turning our fixer upper into a homestead to be proud of will inspire others to do the same.

Our home is an old 1940’s vintage farm house, perhaps older but we are not sure. The cabinetry is all homemade, and there is an old hardwood floor in my office space. DPP_0029

We have several outbuildings including a 3 car garage (My husband is in heaven.) and we have what used to be an old smokehouse, as well as a good sized shed that will be our chicken house and another shed that is just for getting things out of the rain. DPP_0017

We have not done much to the place yet, we just moved in about 3 weeks ago, but we have a very long list of projects already.

My husband will be reroofing the front of the house, the garage and the smoke house before winter, and we will be renovating the chicken shed and fencing it in in the next month.

Also on our list is a fireplace to keep us warm this winter. My in-laws gave us a generator, and a snow blower so we are already miles ahead on that.

Plastic needs to go on all the old windows here soon as well and I am hoping to have enough time for window quilts as well, although I did buy some insulating curtains like these Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain 84″L- 1 Set- These are great to keep the cold and drafts out and even keep some of the highway noise muffled.

Stay tuned for more, I will be posting in this category with everything we do, from planting to canning, to collecting eggs, building dog kennels and terraced gardens as well as decorating our farmhouse with furniture from the period it was built in. DPP_0026

Watch us as our homestead grows!!

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