What to do for Chickens in Extreme Heat

How to Care for Chickens in a Heat Wave

  We are not the only ones that suffer from the heat outdoors, with temperatures soaring into the 100s throughout much of the US many of us are watching as our animals struggle with the heat as well. We can keep our dogs and cats outside but when you have a large flock of birds that is not an option and yet the temperatures that our nation has seen this week can have a serious affect on your flock if you are not prepared. I have never had to deal with heat and chickens before this ... [ Read More ]

Why chickens Quit Laying


When chickens quit laying, it can be frustrating to families and farmers counting on the eggs for food and income. There are a number of different factors that influence laying hens and can disrupt their production or even cause it to cease for a period of time. These variables include: Shorter day length Molting Broodiness Age Nutritional deficiencies Stress As the days shorten in the summer and fall, egg production typically drops off accordingly. Hens respond to the amount of ... [ Read More ]