10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the New Homesteader

10 Great Gifts for the Homesteader

  Christmas is on its way, and it is time to start thinking about what everyone on your list most wants and needs. Whether you are just starting your new homestead or know someone that is, this list is sure to please. I have offered great gifts for the homesteader for all budgets, and these are all items that I either own or have owned in the past except for the fermentation crock which was always on my list but never became a reality. 1) Books - The first thing most people need when ... [ Read More ]

Looking Forward to 2013 – Homesteading Goals and Plans

Homestead Updates - Old Fashioned Families

  I have to admit, 2012 was not the glorious year that I wanted it to be, too many things happening getting in the way of our plans and goals, and just generally one of those years where all one could really do is hang on for the roller coaster ride. 2013 is going to be different, or at least that is what I keep telling myself, and the firm belief in my head is that if I keep thinking it will be so, it will be.  I have a lot of plans, not all of them are focused on my homesteading ... [ Read More ]

Our Harvest is Starting to Come In

June Garden pics

  All the effort that I made to getting my garden put in early is really paying off, our harvest is starting to arrive in and most cases it is a few weeks earlier that most around here. We have had all the usual spring crops and also have baby carrots, zucchini, cabbage and Cauliflower and the first signs of cukes and tomatoes. Our corn is waist high already and I have baby peas and green beans that we are anxiously awaiting. The onions have reached the stage where we can start ... [ Read More ]

Making Self Employment and a Hobby Farm Work Together

selling Eggs

Many people would look at the life my husband and I have chosen and see it as the ideal American dream. We work at home; work for ourselves, are in complete control as to how much money we earn, where our business goes, and when we work. We have our small 2/3 of an acre plot which the jury is out on whether this will be big enough for us or would we want to upgrade in the future. We are on the road to practicing self-sufficiency, growing as much of our food as possible and working on renewable ... [ Read More ]

Homestead Updates – Our First Egg and it’s Time to Start Planning


I have had a lot of people ask me for updates on my homestead, to which my reply has been that things are a bit slow right now because of winter. This really is not much of an excuse because it has been a mild winter but much of our plans right now do center on spring arriving. This DOES not mean however that we have not been doing at least a bit of planning. I have a lot of projects in mind for the spring, but before I say anything about that I wanted to share that after all of our hard work ... [ Read More ]

Our Little Homestead


I wanted to start an new category to chronicle the unfolding of our new little homestead. Many years ago I had a small 5 acre hobby farm, I lost this farm to bad health and other problems at the time. I have always wished that I would have had another choice or found a way to keep it. I never thought I would see the day that I would have another chance, but here we sit, the property is a lot smaller and it is not ours yet, but soon, it will be. I hope to pay for my homestead with cash if at ... [ Read More ]