The New Chicks are Here!!!

The New Chicks are Here!!!

New chicks here

Well this post comes rather later, since as I write this the chicks have now been here for about 3 weeks, but as disappointed as I am that I did not get this posted sooner, I am going to go back and finish this post up before I post an update on how our chicks are doing.

The Chicks arrived on a Thursday morning at the beginning of October, they came in what seemed like an impossibly small box, but we were completely ready for them so we opened the box the moment we go home. In the box where 28 very healthy if somewhat stressed chicks that were more than ready to get out of their box.

I followed all the information carefully that I received when I bought the chicks, to make sure they knew where their water was and set them loose. We put them in a small shed and put up cardboard to make sure they would not be subject to the draft when we opened the door. Everything I read led me to believe they would seek the heat source so I was not worried about how big the enclosure size was for them, but it turned out to be perfect, allowing those that were too hot to get away from the heat while allowing those that needed to stay warm. I am posting a get ready for your new chicks post, that you can refer to if you want to know how to be ready for your chicks.

New ChickWe of course checked on them several times a day for the first couple of days, but other than a bit of problem with them pasting up they all survived and are doing very well. My daughter eleven is of course in love with them and always wants to be in the shed with them whenever I will let her. What I did not expect is that my husband has grown quite fond of them as well and has taken part in their care with me. It has been a lot of fun watching them grow and watching the two of them interact with them.

Look for more updates about our chickens over the next couple of weeks, we are getting ready to remodel their permanent enclosure and I plan to take pictures of that process as we go along. I also want to post a new update about how they are doing now, before we move them.

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