Monkey Bread Recipe


Monkey Bread is one of those delicious treats that I only make every once in a while because it's just so sweet. I've seen dozens of recipes out there and they are all good but I personally find that having a guideline instead of a solid recipe works better for things like this. So, think of this recipe more like a suggestion. And believe me, your family will have absolutely zero complaints! (disclaimer: In the interest of being honest, I forgot to take a picture of my bread so the one ... [ Read More ]

20 Foods You Don’t Need to Refrigerate

easter eggs

Refrigerators are modern marvels that have greatly expanded the life and safety of many different foods. However, our culture has this odd idea that everything should go in the fridge; that it's this magical box that will keep everything good forever. Well, that's far from the case! Here are 20 foods that, while you can put them in the fridge (and even I sometimes do) it's totally not necessary: Bananas - Banana skin will become a really gross color in the fridge (although they will taste ... [ Read More ]

Best Mosquito-Repelling Plants


While I love the outdoors, I could totally do without mosquitoes. Those little suckers are my absolute bane. I'm not sure if I just taste sweeter to them or something, but whatever the case may be, I always end up with a ton of bites if I stay out too late in the afternoon or venture in the woods. Turns out some people are just genetically lucky like that. So, naturally, I looked to see what I could to in order to try and reduce some of the bugs around my house. While nothing really beats OFF ... [ Read More ]

Use it Up, Wear It Out, Make it Do or Do Without!


Whether you're a dedicated homesteader with your own farm or you're simply a fan of the old-fashioned lifestyle and of living more simply, you probably know how hard it can be sometimes. There are days when nothing seems to go right, and no matter what you try, things just don't work. Believe me, we've all been there, and you'll make it through! While roaming about the internet one day, I came across this awesome saying that was apparently very common during the Great Depression, when ... [ Read More ]

8 Reasons to be Proud of Being Old-Fashioned


  I grew up living out in the country and while my parents weren't farmers, we did have all number of farmyard animals throughout my childhood including cows, chickens, rabbits, geese and more barn cats than you could shake a stick at. We baled hay and had a huge garden. My father made a lot of our furniture and my mother sewed clothes and did crafts. Every night we sat down at the table and ate together with cloth napkins and homemade food. I never thought about these things as ... [ Read More ]

14 Tips for Baking The Best Cookies Ever!


There are few things as delicious and homey as warm, homemade cookies fresh out of the oven. When I was a kid, chocolate chip was the family favorite, and there were always homemade cookies in the house whenever we came in from playing outside. It's absolutely the best smell and taste in the world! However, baking is just as much (probably more) of an art as a science, and if you're looking to make the best cookies ever then here are some tips and tricks to make your sweet tooth say ... [ Read More ]

Freezer Tips, Tricks and Expiration Guides


If you are a frugal shopper or grow/make a lot of your own food, then chances are you've probably got a whole lot of things in your freezer to be eaten later. At my house, whenever the grocery store has some meats or certain veggies that we eat a lot of on sale, I try and purchase some extra to throw in my freezer for later. But, contrary to popular belief, food actually doesn't stay good in the freezer forever. So, here are some tips, tricks and guides to consider the next time you're ... [ Read More ]

6 Ways to Pamper Homestead Moms


Moms are all hardworking with never-ending chore lists, but if you're a homestead or old-fashioned type, then chances are mom's workload is even larger. So, why not take some time this Mother's Day and pamper mom a little bit? Or, just pick a random day and surprise her with some of these simple things. ... [ Read More ]

Old Fashioned Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas


My family has never been very big into celebrating Mother's Day. My mom always says that it isn't a real holiday and she doesn't actually want us to do anything. Of course, we always do celebrate with a little something special. This year, why not do a special brunch just for mom? Here are a collection of some of my favorite mother's day brunch recipes taken from around the web. You're sure to find something great to make for a brunch just for moms this Sunday! Something Savory At my ... [ Read More ]